soup kitchen
Paballo is a public, non-profit organisation established with the following objectives:

  1. To provide food and medical support to members of the homeless communities in Johannesburg
  2. To provide direct material (e.g. blankets, clothing), psychological and community organised support to homeless communities in Johannesburg
  3. To provide a service that supports job seekers, people planning to increase their skills/learning and income generating projects
  4. To provide access to literacy and numeracy skills for the poor
  5. To advocate for the rights and human dignity of the homeless, the dispossessed, the unemployed, the refugee and other marginalized groups in Johannesburg
  6. To build a community for volunteers who will work with the homeless to ameliorate their circumstances
  7. To build community among the homeless
  8. To provide a platform through which individuals and corporates can interact with the homeless communities and volunteer their services
  9. To provide a platform for partnerships with international and local support projects
  10. To create sustainable sources of funding for the organisation